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Our First Couple

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First time Swapping, the names have been changed to protect the guilty. Louis and I had talked about this for awhile but and now the time had finally cum. We meet Dave and Michelle and at a local restaurant. This was our second meeting after weeks of chatting and texting. We decided to go back to our place to watch a movie. We laid out blankets and pillows so we could get comfy and enjoy the movie. The movie started out slow but Michelle started out fast. She ran her hand along my thighs as she rubbed my pussy from outside of my jeans. I could feel her warm breathe against my neck as she moved her hands up to feel my breast. By now the nipples on my 36D breast was poking through my thin blouse. Our husbands were enjoying the show, eager to join in the fun. As Michelle reached up to kiss me I let my hands wander over her soft and petite body. I was enjoying the curves of another woman. I reached back rub the bulge in my husbandØs pants. It only proved that he was enjoying the show. He suggested that I put on something more comfortable. I agreed and returned to the room in my new teddy. It stopped just below my ass with my matching panties. Now Michelle couldnØt keep her hands off of me. She had easy access to my breast as she gently kissed on them. Now the only thing separating her hand my pussy was my satin panties. Which she quickly slide to the side to fix that problem. Of course my pussy was dripping wet and her fingers easily slide inside of me. By now my moans had drowned out the movie. Louis cut of the TV and he began to help Michelle remove her clothes so I could explore her body. Soon we were all naked and all hands and lips were on me. I turned my head to the side so I could suck LouisØs dick. So as I sucked Louis, Michelle ate me and Dave was eating her out. What a lovely site. From this point on it was a free for all. Michelle and I grinding on the double headed dildo. I was sucking one and taking the other doggy. It was a blast. After switching up, double teaming, sucking and fucking we all came and laid in each other's arms catching our breathe.
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Couple Swapping Personals

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Couple Swapping

we are a laid back fun couple who is looking for the same. interesting in meeting other like-minded people for fun and freindship. We are open minded and like trying new things. update...... Since I am the female half that is on here most of the really interested in talking to the female of other couples. Nothing against the guys but its always the guys who message me and the girl never seems to be around to chat. I have to chat and spk to the female or there will be no meet. So please have your wife/gf available to chat with me.

How does Swapping Affect your RelationshipØ

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So now that we have been on here for a few months and have had some fun experiences with some great people, I am beginning to think about how this has changed our relationship. I think we both agree that this has been good for our relationship. We definitely have sex more often, even with just each other. We are more easily turned on and have had more orgasms. Something about the excitement of being with new people - getting to know someone for the first time, feeling the first touch, the first kiss - thats what most married people miss out on. Now that we have joined in this lifestyle, we have that again, even if it is not with each other. I have also learned a lot more about myself since being on this site. I know that I am not jealous and I am still curious, energetic, and fun. I have learned just how adventurous I am and most importantly, I know just how sexy I am. I am curious to know if others feel the same way. How has this site changed your relationship for the good or the badØ Single people, how has this site changed your relationship with yourselfØ
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Couple Looking for Couple for FULL SWAP

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Friendship and Fun times
We are a very secure in love married couple of 17 years that enjoys friendship and especially if there can be some added benefits. Both of us are very down to earth, very classy and super discreet and clean. We are searching for a sexy compatible couple for freindship and more. Some of our likes are boating, traveling, fun nights out or fun nights in. We are always living life to the fullest and we are looking for special friends to share the finer things in life with. We have attached a few pictures and will send pics with faces once we know you are real...unfortunetly, C/L is loaded with fakes. We are sorry but if do not have a picture attached we most likely will not respond. Life is short...lets have fun! e are also interested in SEXY ladies